We hot fill or cold fill in plastic or glass.

We have filling lines for different types of containers, from 1oz to 64oz, plastic or glass. Even 15mL glass vials. We can cap your bottles with most any closure including including droppers, pumps, and sprayers.

Glass and plastic bottles from 1oz to 34oz

A process that gives your beverage a 24 month shelf life.

Our bottling process is designed to give your beverage a microbial shelf life of at least 24 months under ambient storage. At the heart of this system is a flash pasteurization process using a method called HSST—High Temperature Short Time. This gives the least amount of heat exposure to your beverage, preserving flavors and functional ingredients, while at the same time reducing any microbes such as yeast and mold that may be present by 99.999%. This is called a 5-log reduction, which is the FDA performance standard that we follow. After filling we take other steps to ensure that the beverage is protected in its container. Contact us to see if your beverage qualifies for this process and for further information. >

Trial Run and Scale Up.

It is a good idea to introduce a new beverage with a small trial run. This is usually a production of up to 10,000 bottles. You can then market test or introduce the beverage without having to make a large investment. Following the trial run, we will work with you toscale up your production as your brand grows.

Products for Mass-Market Retail Stores.

We have developed and have manufactured products for sale in mass-market retail stores, including:

Nutrition Laboratories mixing protein beverage with high shear mixer
HSST flash pasteuring at Nutrition Laboratories
Filler for energy shots and other beverages at Nutrition Laboratories