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Nutrition Laboratories specializes in bottling shot beverages. 

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Energy shot manufacturer for Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for an energy shot manufacturer or bottling co packer for other types of shot beverages in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York or surrounding areas, we’d like to hear from you. 

Masking the bitterness from caffeine is what is most difficult when producing an energy shot. We have several ways to do this. 

Nutrition Laboratories is the only shot co packer in the USA that will fill both plastic and glass bottles, has third-party cGMP certification, is certified organic and approved for Kosher manufacturing, and is licensed by State of Florida as a hemp CBD manufacturer.

• We can co-pack your formula or develop a shot beverage for you.

• We fill shots in both plastic and glass bottles.

• Our shot fillers can handle bottle sizes from 0.5oz to 4oz. 

• Flash pasteurizing your beverage helps preserve flavors and sensitive ingredients such as some vitamins.

• Our process guarantees a microbial shelf life of 24 months.  

• With two shot production lines, we have a combined capacity of up to 200,000 shots per day. 

• We can label your shots with sleeves or pressure-sensitive labels, and package them in display boxes and master cases.

• A trial run program allows you to test market your shots without a large investment. 

Fill in and send us the form and we will contact you. We look forward to being your shot beverage manufacturing partner!


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