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From your idea to commercial beverage.

Beverage development

A great-tasting beverage is your ultimate competitive advantage.


Functional Ingredients.

The first step in beverage development is to decide on the functional ingredients. Ingredients in a healthy energy drink? Immune-boosting herbs? Six electrolytes for hydration?  If your beverage has vitamins, we can advise about their overage—how much  extra to add for a longer shelf life.

Flavor wheel for beverages


The next step is to balance the taste of the beverage and then give it the flavor profile that you want. We have a large library of natural flavors that you can choose from.

Process authority letter

Process Authority Letter.

The FDA requires a Process Authority letter for most beverages. This is an approval by a specialized laboratory (Process Authority) of the production process that we plan to use to give your beverage a minimum of 24 months  of microbial stability under ambient storage.

Intellectual property

FDA Process Submission.

Before we can manufacture your beverage, FDA requires us to submit the Process Authority Letter. This is not an approval of the product but an FDA review of the manufacturing process to ensure it complies with their safety guidelines. You will get an official certificate that this has been done—most major retailers will ask for this document before they will sell your beverage. 

Your Intellectual Property.

The beverage formula that we develop is your intellectual property. You own the master formula. We will give you a list of the vendors that we used to buy your ingredients, bottles and caps, including prices and contact information. 


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