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How Much Product Do I Get?

2 FL OZ SHOT: up to 4,000 bottles

2.5 FL OZ SHOT: up to 4,000 bottles

3 FL OZ SHOT: up to 4,000 bottles

4 FL OZ BOTTLE: up to 3,000 bottles

8 FL OZ BOTTLE: up to 2,000 bottles

10 FL OZ BOTTLE:  up to 2,000 bottles

12 FL OZ BOTTLE: up to 1,000 bottles

16 FL OZ BOTTLE: up to 1,000 bottles

32 FL OZ BOTTLE: up to 500 bottles


Trial Run and Pilot Program

For a flat fee, we will take your your idea of a product to an actual commercial production run. You will get products that you can use for trade shows and presentation to buyers, even limited distribution. Or sell directly to consumers on your website or at


What is Included in the Program?

1. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: This includes helping you select active ingredients, and the full flavor development of the beverage.

2. LABORATORY SAMPLES: We will make laboratory samples and work with you to produce the beverage flavor that you want.

3. ORGANIC CERTIFICATION: If your product is organic, we wil get you organic certification with our certifier Americert International (additional fee of $500 per product certified).

4. KOSHER CERTIFICATION: If your product qualifies, we can arrange for certification with the Atlanta Kashruth Commission. The cost for this is a one-time document fee of $250 plus an annual fee of $500.

5. STABILITY TESTING: We will validate a 12-month microbial shelf life using our four week accelerated stability test.

6. PROCESS AUTHORITY LETTER: This is a requirement for most beverages and liquid dietary supplements. An independent laboratory will verify and approve the production process based on our lab work.

7. FDA PROCESS FILING: The FDA requires a notification of the production process for most beverages.

8. INGREDIENTS: We supply basic ingredients such as flavors and sweeteners.

9. BOTTLES AND CAPS. You can buy bottles from our inventory or from our bottle supplier at our cost.

10. SUPPLEMENT / NUTRITION FACTS PANEL: We will design the panel with the correct format and information for your label. If your beverage requires a full Nutrition Facts analysis, this is available at an additional charge.

11. LABELS: We will handle the logistics of printing your labels based on your design. We can also give you limited graphics art assistance.

12. MANUFACTURING & QUALITY CONTROL: We will produce your product under our Current Good Manufacturing Practices.
13. CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS: We analyze your product after production and give you a C of A for the batch.

14. FORMULATION MANUAL: This is a complete description of your formula, ingredients, components, suppliers and  manufacturing steps.

15. PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE: We maintain product liability insurance required by most retailers.

16. EXPORT DOCUMENTATION is available at a nominal charge. This includes Export/Free Sale Certificate and cGMP certificate from the State of Florida.


Project length

Approximately 8 weeks


Project cost

Flat fee of $10,000


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