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Quality control makes your beverage a quality product.

Beverage manufacturing flow chart

Quality control  at each step of manufacturing. 

Monitoring Critical Control Points.

During production, QC inspectors monitor each step of the process. This ensures that  you have a finished beverage that meets all its specifications and is shelf stable for 24 months.

Five Step Sanitizing Procedure.

After a beverage production, we use a five-step process to clean and sanitize the equipment before we start filling a new beverage.

Allergen Control Program.

We keep ingredients with food allergens—such as whey protein (milk) and coconut water (tree nuts)—segregated to ensure there is no cross contamination with other ingredients. After a production with one of these and after sanitizing equipment, a QC inspector takes swabs of tanks, hoses and fillers to ensure there are no traces of any allergy proteins.

Licenses and Certifications

FDA and State of Florida Registrations.

Nutrition Laboratories is licensed by the FDA to produce beverages as food products or dietary supplements (registration #16908618904). We are also registered by Florida Department of Agriculture (registration #337035). Both the FDA and State of Florida inspect our company for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.


3rd Party cGMP Certification.

In addition to the FDA and State of Florida, SCS Global conducts annual audits to verify that we comply with Good Manufacturing Practices. Click here to see the results of their latest audit.

Organic Manufacturing.

Nutrition Laboratories is a certified organic manufacturer with Americert International. If your product qualifies as organic (70%, 95% or 100%), we will get it approved as a certified organic beverage.

Kosher Manufacturing.

If you want your product to be certified as Kosher, Atlanta Kashruth Commission will certify it for you. We have been approved by AKC as a Kosher manufacturer.

Registered Florida Hemp Producer.

Nutrition Laboratories is licensed by the State of Florida to produce beverages with hemp extract, including CBD.

Non-GMO Manufacturing. 

We have been approved by the Non-GMO project to bottle non-GMO beverages. 

OTC Registration. 

We are registered with the FDA as an OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer.  This is for customers who needs a product based on an FDA monograph, such as herbal laxative or pain gel. 

Quality control inspection


Registered Manufacturer

State of Florida Registered

3rd Party cGMP Certified 


Florida Hemp Producer

Certified Organic


Kosher Manufacturer

Non-GMO Manufacturer



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