Immune shots are available in several different flavors.

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Immune shot with your label

Nutrition Laboratories has developed a great-tasting immune beverage shot in a 2.5oz bottle (organic) or 2oz (conventional).  

Vitamin C, zinc and elderberry extract are the functional ingredients.  But we can customize the formula for you by adding our organic superfood blend and other immune nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin D3,  vitamin E, selenium and more. 

We have several natural flavor options: lemon, pomegranate, apple, cranberry, mango/ginger and passionfruit.

Information about the functional ingredients:


Vitamin C is needed to produce white blood cells that move throughout the body and ingest bacteria and viruses.


Zinc is necessary to make other types of immune cells. New research shows that it also helps put the breaks on out-of-control inflammation that is sometimes more damaging than the bacteria or virus.


Elderberries contain antioxidants but also a special protein called hemagglutinin that prevents a virus from entering a cell and causing infection.

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