On-time beverage production

We Hot Fill or Cold Fill in a Variety of containers

We have filling lines for different types of containers, from 1oz to 32oz, plastic or glass. We can cap with most any closures including including metal lug caps for glass bottles, droppers, pumps and sprayers,    

Batching and Blending

A QC inspector verifies weights during batching. We then add ingredients to the batching tank using high-shear mixer, blending each ingredient until it is fully dissolved. 


Pasteurization is essential to make a shelf-stable beverage. We  flash pasteurize at 192ºF for 15 to 30 seconds. The liquid then transfers to a filler, either directly for hot filling or through a crash cooler for cold filling.  

Bottling and Capping

We hot fill your beverage at 175 to 180ºF. After capping, we invert your bottle for 30 seconds to pasteurize the underside of the cap. This process ensures a microbial shelf life of your beverage of 24 months.

Tunnel Cooling

If your beverage is hot filled, it goes through a cooling tunnel where the temperature of the liquid drops to around 110ºF. This helps preserve the flavors and is also good for heat-sensitive ingredients such as some vitamins.  

Sleeve Labeling

A high-speed sleeve applicator drops a sleeve over your bottle. The bottle then goes into a steam tunnel that has adjustments for seven heat zones to shrink the sleeve perfectly to the shape of your bottle.

Pressure-Sentive Labels

If you want to label your beverage with a wrap-type label, we recommend a material such as BOPP. This is a water-resistant material that makes the label look good if your customers place the beverage in a refrigerator. 

Pack Out

During pack out, we can put your product in unit boxes, display boxes, beverage trays or master cases. We then place them on pallets with edge guards, protective film and straps. 

Trial Run

It is usually a good idea to test market a new beverage with a small trial run. We schedule large productions six weeks or more in advance,  but we can often fit in a one-day trial run shortly after we have received your components and ingredients.


We will work with you to scale up your production as your brand grows. Whether you need 25,000 RTD beverages or a million energy shots, we will produce what you need.


Nutrition Laboratories has 12,000 square feet of clean-room style manufacturing spaces with three filling lines. 30,000 square feet of warehouse space includes 1,120 cubic feet of frozen storage for juices and other sensitive ingredients. 

You  can depend on our on-time production to meet delivery deadlines..

Mass-Market Retail Stores

Nutrition Laboratories has developed and manufactured products for sale in mass-market retail stores, including:


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