Developing your great-tasting beverage

A great-tasting beverage is your ultimate competitive advantage. We specialize in formulating with natural non-caloric sweeteners.

Functional Ingredients

The first step in beverage development is usually to decide on the functional ingredients. Electrolytes for hydration? Whey protein or collagen in a protein water? Natural caffeine in an energy shot? If your beverage has vitamins, we know how much overage (extra amounts) to add to give it a longer shelf life


The next step is to balance the taste of the beverage (sweet, sour, bitter, salt and umami). After that we’ll give it the flavor profile that you want. We have a large library of natural flavors for you to choose from.

Stability Testing

Part of beverage development is stability testing to make sure that your beverage has a microbial shelf life of 24 months under ambient storage.  

Process Authority Letter and FDA Filing

The FDA requires a Process Authority letter for most beverages. This is an approval by a specialized laboratory (Process Authority) of the production process that we plan to use to make your beverage.  We then submit this Process Authority letter to the FDA as a process notification. Most major retailers will ask for this certificate.  Both the Process Authority letter and FDA filing are included in our co-packing rates.

Beverage Development Program

Beverage development begins with your your idea of a beverage. We then work with you to select the functional ingredients, sweeteners and give it the flavor you want. Finally, we make a commercial production so that you have products for trade shows, present to buyers, or sell directly to consumers. You will own the formula that we develop—we will give you a Master Formula with all manufacturing details and where to buy ingredients and components.  

What is the Program?

1. BEVERAGE DEVELOPMENT: This includes helping you select functional ingredients, flavor development and the manufacturing process of the beverage. 

2. LABORATORY SAMPLES: We will make laboratory samples and work with you to produce the flavor that you want.

3. ORGANIC CERTIFICATION: If your product qualifies, we will get your beverage organic certification with our certifier (additional fee of $650 per product certified).

4. KOSHER CERTIFICATION: If your product qualifies, we can arrange for certification with the Atlanta Kashruth Commission. You pay AKC directly.

5. NON-GMO CERTIFICATION: If your product qualifies, we can also help you get non-GMO certification for your beverage.

6. BEVERAGE STABILITY: The manufacturing process that we develop for your beverage will give it a minimum 24-month microbial shelf life. 

7. PROCESS AUTHORITY LETTER: This is an FDA requirement for most beverages. An independent laboratory called a Process Authority will verify and approve the production process based on our lab work.

8. FDA PROCESS FILING: The FDA requires that we file a process notification for most beverages. This is not a product or label approval—the FDA reviews the production process based the pH of the beverage for consumer safety. 

9. NUTRITION FACTS / SUPPLEMENT FACTS PANEL: We will design the panel with the correct format and information for your label. A full Nutrition Facts analysis is available for an additional charge.

10. LABELS: We will give you recommendations for label printers that customers have used. You will deal directly with the printer and approve proofs before printing. We will make sure that the label is sized correctly for your bottle and that it meets FDA requirements.

11. PRODUCT BOX, TRAY, MASTER CASE: We can also give you referrals to printers of product and display boxes, and manufacturers of beverage trays and master cases.

12. MANUFACTURING AND QUALITY CONTROL: We will produce your product under our Current Good Manufacturing Practices. 

13. CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS: We analyze your product after production and give you a C of A for the batch.

14. MASTER FORMULATION: This is the master manufacturing record with your formula, ingredients, components, suppliers and manufacturing steps.

15. PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE: You will be added to our product liability policy and get a certificate as an additional insured under our policy. Product liability insurance is a requirement by most retailers

16. EXPORT DOCUMENTATION: Export/Free Sale Certificate and cGMP Certificate from the State of Florida are available for a $250 additional charge.

What is Extra?

INGREDIENTS: Ingredients for the beverage development are included in the program cost. For the commercial production, we supply basic ingredients such as water and acidifiers at no charge. Many other ingredients such as nutrients, sweeteners, flavors and juice concentrates are available at our cost from our inventory. We will source for you any ingredients that we don't have in inventory.

BOTTLES AND CAPS: You can buy bottles and caps from us if we have them in inventory.  If we don't have them, we will help you buy them.

Project Length

Approximately 8 weeks


Flat fee of $10,000

How Much Product Do I Get?

1 FL OZ              Up to 4,000 bottles                    

2 FL OZ              Up to 4,000 bottles

2.5 FL OZ          Up to 4,000 bottles

3 FL OZ              Up to 4,000 bottles

4 FL OZ              Up to 3,000 bottles

8 FL OZ              Up to 2,000 bottles

10 FL OZ           Up to 2,000 bottles

12 FL OZ           Up to 1,000 bottles 

14 FL OZ           Up to 1,000 bottles 

16 FL OZ           Up to 1,000 bottles 

32 FL OZ           Up to 500 bottles 

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