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Hot Product Categories • Nutrition drinks • Energy drinks • Detox drinks • Protein drinks • Electrolyte water • Sugar-free drinks • Weight loss tea • Liquid multivitamins • Energy gels Preservatives If your beverage needs a preservative, we recommend potassium sorbate. It occurs naturally in some fruit and berries. We also use natural yeast and mold inhibitors. We avoid sodium benzoate because some research shows a link to cancer (especially when used together with vitamin C in a beverage with low pH). Beverage Regulations We share with you information about FDA beverage rules and regulations. We also prepare nutrition and supplement facts information for your product, and we submit any paperwork required by the FDA. Graphic Design Our graphics department can help you with label and packaging design for your beverage.

A great-tasting beverage is your ultimate competitive advantage. Great taste is what we do. We can take just about any nutrition drink, energy drink, protein drink or sports hydration beverage and make it taste good. We specialize in formulating with alternative natural sweeteners such as monk fruit and stevia (without the usual stevia aftertaste). We have organic versions of both sweeteners.

The first step in beverage development is usually to decide on the  "active" ingredients. Electrolytes for hydration? Fiber and cleansing herbs in a detox drink?  Natural caffeine in an energy beverage? If your beverage has vitamins, we know how much overage (extra amounts) to add to give it a longer shelf life.

Our flavor chemists will first balance the taste of the beverage (sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness and umami). When it is appropriate for your drink, they will give it the flavor profile that you want. We have a large library of natural flavors for you to choose from.

The FDA requires that most beverages have a Process Authority letter—a validation by a specialized laboratory (Process Authority) of the production process that we plan to use to make your beverage. The FDA then requires that we submit this Process Authority letter to the agency for review. We provide this service at no extra charge for our customers.

The Process Authority Letter will give the minimum microbial stability of your beverage. In addition, we make an accelerated microbial stability test of your product over four weeks. This  approximates an actual shelf life of twelve months.



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