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We produce organic beverages.

Organic Beverages

We can formulate and manufacture your organic beverage. Organic certification usually takes only one week after application to our certifier (Americert International).

Trial Run and Pilot Program

This one-stop service gets your idea of what you want as a beverage or liquid dietary supplement to actual products in a short amount of time.  For more information, click here.

We can take your beverage from idea to finished product.

Nutrition drink bottled by co-packer.

Whether you are already selling a beverage or are starting a new beverage business, we can be your manufacturing partner. Our plant—centrally located in the Tampa Bay area—has 40,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space. We can help with your formula development and, depending on the beverage, produce it using either hot fill or cold fill.  We fill in a variety of containers including PET, HDPE and glass, in sizes from 1 fl oz shots to 64 fl oz bottles. Pack-out options include trays for larger bottles and display boxes in master cases for shots. Our fullfillment department can ship your beverage on pallets to distribution centers, in master cases or direct to consumers. We are also familiar with exporting your beverage or beverage concentrate, and can provide export documentation from the State of Florida or the FDA.

From Beverage Formulation to Beverage Manufacturing

We have developed and manufactured beverages that sell in mass-market stores, including:




Nutrition Laboratories is third-party cGMP certified for food and dietary supplement manufacturing.

We Also Make Concentrates for Co-Packing

If you plan to have your beverage bottled by a regional or overseas co-packer, we can manufacture the beverage concentrate. We give the co-packer a full process description and a process authority letter.

Regional co-packer producing a nutrition drink from a beverage concentrate.



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